Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lord Stanley

Today was the day, the big day of this cruise to step foot on the Falkland Island and visit Port Stanley.
Penguins live here along with the British. The town is named for Lord Stanley, who I would know a lot more aboot if the ships internet wasn’t so slow, and didn’t cost for every second you are on line…
So without researching Stanley I would guess that he either created the Stanley Cup  hockey award, or invented Stanley Thermos bottles, and I am going to go with the Thermos Bottle as the air temperature has dropped, and being able to carry hot beverages around on this windswept island would have been very important.
The Colorful Town Of Stanley

Stepping out on the balcony this morning It was cold. The tvee said it was 46. F We bundled up with gear from home. Polar fleece vests, and motor company rain jackets, smart wool socks and long trousers. We needed to stay warm we were headed to Volunteer point to shoot King Penguins.
As we lined up to get our numbers. Silver #1 today the mood was festive. Everyone was having a good time and not paying attention to the 5 or 6 screening of the trailer for the dvd that princess needs to sell you.
Finely it was time to go. We shuffled down the stairs to the open shell door where we would board the tenders, except when our group got there the seas were angry, and too rough to operate the tenders.

We waited for a while and then going to shore was canceled.
Very  Heavy Seas For A Princess Tender

The tenders bounced around trying to get back to the ship and as soon as they were all on board, the anchor was lifted and we headed out across the Southern Ocean for Cape Horn
You Can See That  This Is Not A Photo Of A King Penguin It Is A Photo Of A Bottle Cap. Thanks Princess


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