Thursday, March 5, 2015

Are We Submerged Yet?

Tuesday was our first full day at sea, the first day of cruising. I love days at sea. You can stay busy all day or not. When we looked at the Princess Paper, The Patter the night before it was looking like it would be a very busy day.
Gym in the morning. Coffee, a port lecture, a drum circle, deck walking…And not having to get up early to ride on the prison bus. It was going to be a very good day…
Sunrise on The Atlantic Or Perhaps Sunset On The Atlantic . You Decide
 It was all good until our toilet wouldn’t flush. I thought ok they should have it fixed in an hour or two. Back at the room in 3.5 hours, still not flushing, and no information aboot when it might be fixed. After aboot 8 hours I went down to the desk, to see if they had any information…
Golden Princess at Dock
The only information the pursers office had was that the entire deck’s toilets were out, and that someone flushed something that shouldn’t have been flushed and the system was plugged.
At aboot 15, hours later the commode flushed once and then was out of service again, and the pursers office had no information, aboot when the issue might be repaired…
In desperation I posted the lack of service, and lack of information aboot the non-flushing toilet, and the disarray of public area toilets, on Princess Facebook page. After that post it wasn’t long when we started hearing noises that I associated with fixing the broken toilets, and they did fix them after 18 hours of not having a toilet.
Returning from yesterday’s prison bus ride I contacted the purser and explained that we are due some composition for not having farcicalities. The pursers answer was that she was waiting to hear from the main office about what should be done. In other words maybe we will forget, and they won’t have to do anything.
Well Princess forgetting about your shitty service is not going to happen…And the link to this post is going on your facebook page.

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