Saturday, July 19, 2014

To Heavy In The Rear

We got out of town right on schedule today and as we pulled out on the Glenn Highway I throttled right up to highway speed, set the cruise control and settled in for the 180 some mile ride to the holy city of Glennallen. All was good until I looked in the mirror and noticed that Huckleberry was so far back that her light was just a faraway speck.

This can’t be good I thought as I wondered why she was so far back, and not catching up. I knew that if I didn’t do something I would ditch her, and since we were going to Sitka together I should probably slow up and wait for her. I did, and she did, but she couldn’t get up to highway speed.

Topping off fuel in Palmer we determined that she had too much weight to far back in her saddle bags and this was making her front end so light that the slightest bump or gust of wind would cause her bike to shimmy like a chicken.
Redistributing the weight helped, but we weren’t doing any passing on the Glenn highway, the big plus was I only used aboot 4 gallons of gas to get to Glennallen.

We pulled into our destination  for the evening Red Eagle on the Tok cutoff around 7:30.

Saturday it is off to Canada, Destruction Bay for the evening then on to Haines to meet the Ferry that will take us to Sitka.
This pumps last sale was at .49 a gallon, and only went to $9.99

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