Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Road To Juneau

There is no actual road to Juneau. The only access is by air or sea. Since we are riding we opted for the sea option, and have a date in Haines with the ferry  MV  Malaspina  our ride to Alaska’s capital Juneau.
Years ago people wanted to move the capital to Willow. Juneau is too hard to get to they chimed. We can’t reach our legislators, and the capital should be on the rail belt were all reasons Alaskans voted to move the capital.  

Fortunately  sanity prevailed the capital stayed put, and Alaskans since have blindly  voted almost exclusively for regressive republicans, who work for the oil companies anyway so even if you did drive for a couple of days over terrible roads through Canada and then flew or sailed to get there no one is going to care.
Politics aside our mission today is to drive the Haines Highway.

Swans Along The Haines Road

The Alcan turned into asphalt yesterday and only gets smoother the closer we get to Haines Junction.
At the Junction of the Alaska highway and the Haines Highway, we top off our fuel tanks and then head to The Bakery for espresso! This place is a must stop for anyone traveling the highway. Opening the door the sweet smell of pastry is overwhelming. Extreme will power will be needed to resist these sweet delights.

Koffee and a strudel for later we head towards Haines under cloudy skies. Being pure of heart mostly we miss a couple of showers.

Time is now on our side, and we want to see some wildlife so cruising just below the 90 kpm speed limit we get excited to spot  bear scat  on the highway in a couple of places but the only animals we see are  snowshoe hare,  some swans with signets, and several bald eagles.

Through the border and into town, we sight the main attraction. The Hammer Museum, but our timing is off as it is closed on Sunday.


Most of the town is closed on Sunday we discover. The gift shops, the supermarket and only one crummy restaurant  are open, but we pass the time chatting up the locals and soon our ship is tied up and ready to board…

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