Saturday, March 8, 2014


Almost everyone you chat up here talk’s aboot how cold it is at home. Just a while ago the fellow at the other gas pump told me how cold it was in Ohio. The lake he lives on has, get this,  been frozen over for months.

Sunrise Marathon Florida
When you tell them you are from Alaska, they almost always gasp, and say Wow! Every once in a while one will say. Hay it was warmer in Anchorage than Ohio, or someplace! They usually follow with “Yea the weather sure has been weird.” I just agree. I don’t even pretend to know anything aboot climate change.

We pointed our rental car Ford Edge south and drove to the end of the rode. Being from Alaska driving to the end of the road is no big deal, but here in Florida almost everyone in North America and the two cruise ships tied up to the dock wants to see the end of the road.
Beer Keg At The End Of Highway 1 Key West Florida In Black And White

I  have no idea who those people are, but I think the reason they put an empty beer keg at the end of the road is because everyone likes to party here in Key West. The bars are packed. People with and without drinks wander the sidewalks , and spill out into the streets when ever. It is perfectly safe because the roads are  gridlocked with scooters, pedal bikes, Pedi cabs, little train like vehicles with several open passenger cars, rubber tire trolley cars, regular cars, trucks,  taxies, small busses, and the occasional emergency vehicle.
Everyone gets where they need to be, tempers never flair, and horns never honk because the entire town’s traffic is controlled by chickens.

Key West Rooster

Key West is a great town! Lots to see and do. Today is for wandering around and seeing the sights like the Key West Light.
Key West Light

You can climb to the top. The view is great. The lady who sold the tickets to climb to the top showed us the approaching thunder storm on her computer before we went to the top. Aboot the time we got done with the light keeper’s house museum we heard the thunder, and the rain started. Back in the gift shop she was handing out trash bag rain coats to the cruise ship passengers who had scampered down from the tallest thing made of metal when the lightning started. I grabbed one for my camera cuz I knew my Panama hat could hold up to a thunder storm in Florida.
Back in Ford Edge we headed north desperately trying to turn the air conditioner  off and heat on. We had to get to Marathon and the coolest hotel on the Keys. The rain kept coming, and every bike we saw, we hoped they were not having to travel far, riding in the dark and pouring rain.

White Sands Inn

The best place to stay, and my headquarters when on the Keys….

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