Friday, March 28, 2014

Blind Faith

The road out of Tombstone up to Benson is sweet two lane highway 80. At Benson , everything changes. It’s full on combat riding on interstate 10 north to Tucson.

We are heading to Biosphere II. Zumo is programed to the hotel for the evening located just north east of  Tucson in Catalina.
Biosphere II In The Hills Of Tucson
After grinding along on I 10 for a while I spot an exit up ahead with a gas station. It’s time for a washroom break, and  some cold water to drink. The station has covered picnic tables off to the side. It’s a regular desert oasis As we look over the map in the shade we discover we are very close to Saguaro cactus national park.
Saguaro Cactus National Park

 Why not go check it out? The park is split into two parts one east one west, we were on the east side so I programed Zumo the trickster GPS of the raven clan for the portion of the park on the east side, the side closest to where we were next to I 10 at a gas station.
Ever since the cemetery incidence in Key West Zumo has more or less been on her best behavior, but today she sends us the wrong way and after passing the Tucson Federal Penitentiary  and another state intuition. Then the   pavement ends and the road turns to gravel…

Sitting there at the end of the pavement, on a 200 degree +  motorcycle, with the hot desert sun in my face I suddenly realize that Zumo is clearly a modern day  prophet. She is a product of science, so she is REAL. And her message is one everyone in the 21 century needs to believe in. Always question and never blindly follow any prophet, including Zumo, cuz if you do you will end up at the end of the pavement, by a prison in the hot desert…

Saguaro National Park proves to be very interesting, but the sunlight will be gone soon, so we will  plan to return after Biosphere.
Zumo gets us to the Catalina Inn as the sun goes behind the hills of Tucson, but the girl who took the reservation over the phone this morning was the new girl and the night woman can, not find our reservation…Everything works out we get a great room, and have wonderful Italian food across the street at a restaurant that I hope Peppermint remembers the name of...

Desert Flower

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