Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Bagel For Buzz

Peppermint and I met up the other day in the Mecca, the Gateway to the Desert. Barstow California. Several years ago when we were meeting in Barstow we picked a motel off the internet, and have been meeting at the Roadway Inn ever since.

Post Card From Back When The Roadway Was The Barstow Inn

The first year we met there it was a tad on the lower end of our acceptance  scale for old motels, but over the years the owners have invested in their property. Our room last night was better than a Holiday Inn for ½ the price. In the morning the breakfast bar has  coffee, juice, and the owner Jonny will make you a waffle with fresh blueberries or strawberry’s. I had one once and the sugary sweetness  just made me crazy for most of the day. Today I had a bagel, with cream cheese, just for Buzz. Sorry Buzz I held the butter….
We had to do aboot 60 miles on  interstate … 70 mph speed limit but most of the cars run at least 80. Everyone was minding their manners, but even a short way on the interstate is just a grind on a bike.

At Baker California we stopped for water, leaving some, and getting some more. Highway 127 took us north through open desert to Shoshone. and to Death Valley Junction.
Once in the National Park, we headed for Badwater Basin. It is  the lowest point you can drive to on a motorcycle on the planet at -280 feet, and after being 80 some feet above sea level on an ocean liner in the Panama Canal, well it just seemed like the right thing to do.

In The Shadow Of The Bus
Didn’t stick around long enough to see if the bus driver looked before backing up.

Our accommodations  for the evening are at Stovepipe Wells, and by the time we get around to this side of the park the sun is just getting ready to set making some interesting shadows on the Mesquite Dunes.
Black And White of Mesquite Dunes Death Valley California

Dunes in Black and White, still working on that perfect dune shot…
As the sun dips below the ridge…

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