Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snap Shot Columbia

We sailed across the Caribbean Sea last night. Our destination is our second to last stop Cartagena Columbia.
As we approach the harbor, the city is obscured by haze. There are refineries here and you can smell the oil. I wonder what environmental standards this refinery is held to.  A couple of specks on the water that I first thought were birds turn out to be tiny boats, with one person in each one. They must be fishing?

The Coral Princess is tied to one side of the dock as we approach the other side. Its passengers already have been sorted into herd’s and are getting off their ship and boarding busses, just like we will be doing soon.
We are off the ship in no time, and loaded into our bus. Our guide today Julio seams to actually know about Cartagena and isn’t yelling at us.

Our first stop in the old city is a shopping plaza. The shops all have barkers outside trying to lure in us tourists and the sidewalk is filled with street vendors. Are these the people that own the yachts in the harbor?
The Streets of Cartagna

Our guide leads us through museums, and historical buildings. Outside street vendors loaded down with trinkets wait for us.
Vendors Columbia
The inquisition, slave trade and torture, it all happened here, and Julio shows us where it happened. At one stop we get water and get to watch some dancers. Back on the bus with slow rolls by a fortress on a hill then its back to the ship as we sale soon.

It’s difficult to learn anything aboot a place in just a few hours with a guide. I strayed off a bit just to take pictures, and discovered the original Honda Goldwing
Yard Art or Original Honda Goldwing?

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