Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shut Down

This blog has been shut down for a while, mainly because it has been a summer of mega sunshine here in the north. We set a record for the most consecutive days of temperatures over 70f. Of course earlier in the year we set a record for the most snow 11ft.

A Gull Atop Some Of That 11ft.
I am not real big on gardening but I do put out some flower pots. This year in the big pots I put on the driveway edge I planted corn, and surrounded the stalks with Lobelia and Nasturtiums. I thought if I could get tassels on the corn plants I would be happy, but I ended up with 3 tiny ears of corn. The strawberries from the small patch I tend  were very sweet, and plentiful. Some seeds a friend gave me grew and grew into some fantastic looking flowers...
Aboot as abruptly as the summer began it ended. Early in August it started to rain, and it rained almost the entire month, almost shutting down the riding season.
The republicans have shut down the government, again.
Huckleberry Trying To Get A Cup Of Koffee
It seams to me that this government shutdown is more than just republicans being racist's. This shutdown feels more like a Coup d'├ętat . For at least 30 years the republicans have waged war on unions, the middle class, women, the environment. Now its food stamps and health care. It's obvious republicans DO NOT WORK for the American people. They work for the wealthiest, the corporations, and those masters do not care if there is a middle class or not. Those masters would be better served without any government. I'm convinced republicans want corporate rule over our republic.
Americans quit electing people that want your way of life eliminated! Alaskans our environment is still sustainable here. Quit electing the dinyoungs and mur cow skis or you will find your favorite salmon stream replaced with a coal mine and your home now next to a toxic waste dump.
Riding motorcycles and taking photos. Not even a gallon of gas was used to get this shot looking south  from the Bird Point Overlook.  Alaska, pristine. This is worth keeping safe!

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