Thursday, June 20, 2013

Secure Your Load

The sign hanging on the coffee shop paper message board read... “Missing Kayak, Yellow with DK stenciled on the bow. It fell out of our pickup between Huffman and O’Malley roads. Before we could turn around and retrieve it a blue van with a fish sticker on it stopped and picked it up. If found please call us at 907. Brn-5499

Clearly the lesion learned here is. SECURE YOUR LOAD!

Riding around Alaska you see a lot of stuff that was not part of a secured load. The busted plastic ice chest you could see that anywhere, but one hip wader. Bet that will be missed when they get to the fishing hole or try to launch the boat.
One ride to Homer I found split fire wood around almost every corner. I could have made a nice camp fire with it if I was camping and stopped to pick it all up.

Since Memorial Day weekend it has been almost nonstop sunshine and record breaking high temperatures here in the north. I have been spending a lot of time enjoying the sunshine.

 Riding around you see off to the side of the road Glacier Rivers that are at flood stage and look like very intense rivers of gray paint.
Matanuska River Bank to Bank With Water That Has Been Frozen Since The Last Ice Age.


Handmade cabins,  if you look are still just off the side of the main road.
Sawed by hand. I think those logs were. Makes you wonder when you see places like this, what became of the builders?

 This moose just off the side of the Alcan this morning. Sorry not a great shot of a moose I was standing on the side of the main highway to get this shot. It was quiet enough to listen to the  the moose breathe and you could here the sound of wet swampy ground as the moose walked through.  

Please capitalists build a six lane freeway here, with oil wells and a jet airport. With internet and video games. Oh and a military base. With tanks! Supermarkets. Condos and a subdivision of nice homes. Air conditioned of course.


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