Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is This The End?

Every December it seems the crazy’s get just a little bit crazier. Could it be the lack of daylight?  Or perhaps  the cold?  The christians start carrying on aboot virginal birth, and magical saviors, and this December is even loonier because the Mayan calendar ends.

Who Woo ancient humans without modern science, they must have known when the world would end. Right!
Last Monday on Talk Of The Nation one of the segments were with NASA Astrobiologist David Morrison. No relation to Jim Morrison
Dr Morrison answers questions on the NASA Blog Ask A Astrobiologist. Some of the of the questions are well…
(a) In New York where we are suffering from hurricane sandy, everyone in our town are saying these are the signs of the end of the world!! Are these signs of global warming or something else? AND (b) Many people clams that they view clearly Planet X or Nibiru in November 4th 2012 in South pole sky. AND (c) What do you think about story that "Shocking footage of planet Nibiru (Planet-X) was recorded in Brooklyn, NY.. Proven to be Planet Nibiru!" AND (d) They say Nibiru is in the bible? AND (e) I heard that in south america, the sky is turning white from planet x. Also, i found a youtube video with big letters, "DOOMSDAY 2012 NASA ADMITS IT NOW!!!!!" and then CNN said they confirmed Nibiru. AND I was on this site called weeklyworld news and they said well Nasa said that planet Nibiru will hit this Wednesday.

How do we know that the government and nasa are not covering up for the end of the world? There is no evidence to prove that this is not true and it could happen. There is a galactic allignment and that can cause serious problems and be the end of the world as we know it.

Dr Morrisons answers are very logical. Go look at the sky! If a object were aboot to collide with earth you could SEE IT with your own eyes! And my favorite. If you get your information from sources whose mission is to distort the facts you will get distorted information…

Locally some are still searching for evidence...

That the Mayans might have known what they were talking aboot.


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  1. At my house, I have been banned from watching H2 cable channel "documentaries" about the Mayan prophecy. I usually just end up shouting at the TV screen. It's not pretty. Pseudo-science, all of it.

    And the survivalists they interview - well, if that's who is going to be leading the pack after an apocalypse, perhaps it is better to perish honorably surrounded by those we love. No, better to try to stay alive and keep the values we honor alive as long as possible.