Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Gear Beds No Waiting

Ok I promised to catch up so here we go. This first post is from the 25, and I combined another from the 26th. Enjoy
Whitehorse this morning at Casey’s B & B. This is the first B & B I have ever stayed in where you have to cook your own breakfast Being a former food service professional before going to bed I scoped out what food and tools I had to work with. Stove top adequate, toaster oven, and microwave.  The pans not so good. No cast iron, only older plastic handle, with plastic coated fry pan. Not something I would ordanly use, but I’m not going to rip my lungs out over it Reefer stocked with 12 chicken eggs, microwaveable bacon, milk, cream, juice, butter, oleo and orwheat whole grain bread. I can dream up a menu... I woke up feeling very French. That was a good thing as there was no spray Pam, and feeling French I could use BUTTER!
Huckleberry wanted her eggs over medium.  They got air in the buttered up pan

We went out of Whitehorse then back as we needed supplies, and Superstore had what we needed and more.

This leg of the Klondike Highway takes us to the very head waters of the mighty Yukon.

After Stewart Crossing the Yukon flows through several lakes. Lake LaBarge being one of them. This it on the way up the pass to Skagway. The structure is some type of old mining machine. When I asked the boys in the bar if they knew what it might have been used for, one named the photo Koolcatthing.
Once in Skagway we had lunch at the Red Onion.  Fairly   certain that I asked Greg Almond if he had ever seen the band live and he said he had. We waited for our boat ride with some other riders, getting on the Malaspina, after all the cars got aboard.

On the Malaspina Haines Bound

We spent the night at Hotel Halsingland on the grounds of the historic Fort Stewart. The National Registrar of Historic lists the hotel. It is quite a grand old building. Our room was spacious, and contained enough beds to spread all our gear out on a bed each, but our room also had all the electrical outlets to make up for all the room that only have one duplex receptacle.

Haines Historic Hotel Halsingland

In the morning we were up early we had to ride:

The Bear Scat Highway

We filled up our tanks then went looking for some fuel for us. We found a delightful little place the Bamboo Room. It not only has a local calendar on the wall in the kitchen it sports its own Automatic External Defibrillator. I splained to our waitress that I have safety training and am patched out on AED. She said she would call if she needed my help; she took our order, and left us cups of steaming brown liquid that she said was coffee?

We managed to do a parking lot tour of Haines not realizing that all the streets lead to the one out of town.
The Haines Highway follows the Chilkat River that like all glacier streams here in the north is flowing at flood level, and at several spots it looked like the water could wash out the road at any second.
We encountered local set netters fishing for salmon, an outhouse that was only suitable for hovering, and piles and piles of bear scat along the road. The scenery on this leg of the Klondike Highway is spectacular with snowcapped mountains and retreating glaciers all around.

The two unarmed women guarding the Canadian border welcomed us back to BC, and we were back in Yukon hardly before we knew it.

Our B&B tonight on the Shore of Kluane Lake is rustic. When I made the reservation the proprietor said if we desired an evening meal, be sure to bring something to make. We brough sandwiches from the Village Bakery in Haines Junction. That little place with real espresso was a rare find.
Like I said the B&B was rustic...

Parking was tight at our cabin but we managedto get a good spot.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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