Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lamp Shades Are Iron

  I am in hot pursuit of the eagle patch. To patch out you have to stay in places named eagle. So far lifetime all I had was Gray Eagle in California, but tonight I got some points for staying here at Red Eagle Alaska.

Red Eagle lodge is here where the historic Chistochina lodge sat until it burned down several years ago. Another historic road house gone.
Traveling no matter how you do it is all aboot meeting people that you would not routinely meet. Today this first day of holiday got off to a grand start in that direction.

Sid aka The Impeach Obama Guy
This fellow standing on the corner of the Glenn & Palmer Wasilla highway was getting a few horn honks for his Impeach the President sign. But after engaging him in conversation the 9 mpg pickup trucks driven by laskans regressive that were supporting him for his sign had no idea that this man was a solid Roosevelt Democrat totally a rare find in the valley.
Riding the Glenn there was never a better day than today.

 The load on She Who Has No Trunk is balanced, and that allows me to violate the first rule of motorcycle riding, keep your hands on the handle bars at all times! Dancing on the pavement, cornering way past the advised speed. Absolutely no rain till a few miles west of Eureka.

Huckleberry ducks under the canopy of Eureka Lodge to suite up. I turn around and join her, suiting up for major thundershower rain. East we go in the shower, stopping in the Holy City for food that was so bad that if doesn’t kill us we will find christians that will.
Red Eagle Lodge Tok cutoff. The lamp shades are iron, the shower is hot, the bugs are after blood, and the windows have screens.
Life is grand on the road.

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