Thursday, June 21, 2012

East Side de la rivière Yukon

East Side Of The Yukon River

Dawson City Yukon sits right at the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon River. If you drive here like Huckleberry and I did via the Top Of The World highway or 66 miler as the metric Canadians call the road, the only way to get across the river is on a ferry. Once on the east shore the entire town of Dawson is protected from the mighty Yukon by a Dyke. Is Canada gay friendly or what?

A Bit Of Advice For amerika eh?

The 5th Avenue B&B is my headquarters here, and the day started chatting up other tourists over breakfast.  Next it was on to the streets of Dawson to do some shooting.

Some of the buildings date to the 1900. This corner belongs to Saint Andrews and the photo doesn’t do justice to what the forces of gravity and melting permafrost have done to the structure. The fact it is still standing is a testament to the building skills of 1900 craftsmen and architect Warren Porter Skillings. No funds exist to stabilize the building, so it could be gone at any time.

This week is the Dust To Dawson dual sport riders gathering. Lots of riders from all over have been arriving all day. Fighter one of the founding fathers of the DTD event is here in his element. When I left him he was gathering his Team Pterodactyl, outfitting them with tie down straps and laying out specific instructions on how they were going to strip naked one of their club members and them tie him to his bed. Boys will be boys!
Team Pterodactyl has the small green cones in front of their rides

It is almost Canada Day and the celebrations have already started. Today is Aboriginal Day and at the visitors center food and live music are the order of the day.

 The bands sounded great, and what a great sunny day to hang out in Dawson!

South bound on the Klondike highway in the morning.

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  1. Sounds great! Love the photo of the old structure.

    Meanwhile, in Phoenix, the temperature today is 209 ...