Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Numbers

Zumo my trickster GPS of the Raven Clan rode along for the entire trip. We did not have to utilize her navigation abilities much, as the cities we were in were small, and there really is only one road. Well in Dawson she knew the streets before I did, and led us to the hotel. Her mp3 player, played hours of music, I do not think I listened to the same song twice, and when the speed limit was in Kilometers per hour, with a touch of a screen I had a Kilometer speedometer Zumo has the entire route we rode, in memory, and if I want I can connect her to Goggle Earth and look at the map.  She also kept track of the total mileage, so now I know that from my driveway to the Arctic Circle on the Dempster highway, and back to my driveway, is 1621.7 miles. She also recorded our top speed. It was…well she also knows how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

Dempster Highway

The grandeur of the North, riding an adventure and not just a road, talking to the other riders, and other northern travelers, sharing it with Huckleberry, makes this road trip one of the best ones I have ever done.

Trumpeter Swans and Cygnets along the Tok Cutoff

Crossing back into amerika the other day we stopped at the Top Of The World rest area. Some men who were obviously workers of some kind stopped to use the outhouse. We found out they were cutting a swath through the wilderness so that the imaginary borderline between amerika and Canada could be visible from outer space. Our tax dollars are paying for that, workers live in small tents, perched on a hillside. They had a helicopter. You would think that Canada would be trying to protect itself from amerka, but the only defenses I saw were antique cannons aimed west, in Dawson’s City Park.

Confluence of the Klondike and Yukon Rivers at Dawson City Yukon

In The Holy City the sign on the church said "Jesus Is Alive Do You Know Him" I thought the best part of no god is No God. Van Morrison came around on zumos play list, and we rode off into the mystic.


  1. Great trip and great parallel commentary on your blogs! Thanks for sharing!

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