Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Heigh-Ho its home from work we go.....


Just like those adorable little miners House Koch Brother employees have been busy...
House republicans  (employees)  intend to unveil legislation Wednesday to ban the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The Koch Brothers employees (house republicans) said the bill would nullify all of the steps the EPA has taken to date on the issue, including a threshold finding that greenhouse gases constitute a danger to the public health and welfare.

In addition, it seeks to strip the agency of its authority to use the law in any future attempts to crack down on the emissions from factories, utilities and other stationary sources.

Well isn't that good news! No sense having a cumbersome government agency like the EPA regulating  the environment! Who needs oxygen anyway, if it was worth anything it wouldn't be FREE!

Overwhelming scientific evidence supports the fact that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping pollution contribute to global climate change, and representatives that could make a difference chose to support the very things that will destroy everything that keeps humans alive on this planet!
Wonder how our own senior Koch Brother employee young ding will stand on the issue? 
Well at least Wednesday  is groundhog day, and soon we will all know how much longer winter is going to last!
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