Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tipping The Balance

Last March in the tiny Alaskan Village of Chignik Lake a teacher out jogging was killed by two hungry wolves.
Just last week in the Village of Port Heiden the residents asked the State of Alaska  Fish and Game department for help in dealing with aggressive wolves that have been coming into town even in daytime and killing dogs and other small animals.
Everyone agreed that hunger is what is bringing the wolves into town. The six or so that had been killed by residents all were very thin.

These are not thin hungry wolves

The State of Alaska came to the rescue and by December 10 they had killed about 31 wolves by rounding them up with small airplanes then using helicopters to move in and shoot the wolves!
Can you  blame the residents of Port Heiden for protecting themselves from wild life?
And can you blame the State for doing it's job and protecting it's citizens?
Well no I don't think you can. But you can blame the humans in the area for not living with the natural environment and tipping the natural balance in favor of humans.

In all the reports of this story about wolves in Port Heiden no one said that humans caused the problem in the first place! It seems beyond pathetic that with all we know, with all our knowledge all we can do is shoot wolves from airplanes. Kill the inlets Belugas with our city's untreated sewage
 Drown Polar Bears as we melt all the sea ice.

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