Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lame Duck Congress Makes PROGRESS

Maybe its because we had the first lunar eclipse on the solstice since the 1600's. Or maybe since Harry Reid pulled the election away from that crazy woman Sharron Angle, he hasn't been taking no for an answer. Perhaps the republicans are so overjoyed about controlling the House next year, and having more seats in the Senate, that some of them actually forgot that the President has almost light colored skin??

What ever has happened a few, just a few republicans, voted to do away with DADT. A few voted (not enough to pass the) DREAM ACT. Enough of them voted today to pass the the START ( Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) If that wasn't enough they quit the months of stalling on the 9/11 First Responders Bill and passed that too!
republicans doing what is best for the nation, and not just the super rich  is scary enough, but one republican our own little l(L)isa voted for PROGRESS not only on DADT, but on the DREAM ACT START and the first responders bill!

Mr. Reid just might do some more good for the nation before he lets this Congress go. And l(L)isa you have a Capitol (L) waiting for you. Continue to vote for PROGRESS and it's yours (L) but I'm still thinking you just are not going to get it.

 amerika's flag
Bought and Paid For by Greed

We will wait and watch, who knows how the republicans will try to destroy the middle class in the new 112 congress.

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