Wednesday, December 29, 2010

God Delusion Cure!

It's bad enough when ordinary people have a god delusion and go around blessing you every time you sneeze, or invoking there god every chance they get, but when elected officials bring there god delusion into office well can you can kiss decisions based on science and reason good by!

This is our newly elected governor. S.P 2.0 He brings another  major god delusion to the office of governor. He took the oath of office with his hand on his own big book of fictitious stories (bible). During the campaign he told a interviewer that he believes the planet earth to be about 6000 years old. Wow!

This is our mayor.  dan son of fink. He not only closes Library's for no reason,. He supports women giving birth even if the child was conceived because the woman was raped. He  vetoed equal protection laws for gays. We could be fired, denied housing, health care benefit's all because dan has a Major God Delusion!

If these two men could be cured of there God Delusion Alaska would be a much better place, and so would America. And it could happed because Gay Sicentest have been working hard to  Find The  Christian Gene

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