Monday, November 15, 2010

Zedong Speaks Tea?

I can't be real sure if Mao Zedong is who this fellow from the Cleveland Tea Party means, or not. But from his sign I can tell how the republicans took control of the House Of Representatives in the last election.

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the republican party. They won the election for the republicans.
The founding father of the tea bags ronald regan learned that by manipulating people with god delusions, you could win elections, and republicans have been doing it ever since.
Flox News tells em just what they want to here. The government is spending to much money! oh my! Who to hate. Muslims, or  Homosexuals, either make a great scapegoat, How can you beat  propaganda machine like that, epically when the President and the Democrat congress delivered on many promises!
Here are a few...

 The Democratic-led Congress enacted major reforms to the federal student loan program for college students, freeing up an additional $60 billion for students that would have gone for bank fees and profits.
 This alone is HUGE. bush allowed the bank's to turn student loan programs into a Vegas Carnival.

 The Democratic-led Congress enacted major reforms to the banking and financial sectors, reining in corporate excesses and restructuring many things, so that our nation will not soon be wracked by the same type of recession that hit us in 2008. One part of that law is a new consumer financial protection agency, an entity sorely needed.

And this one is especially important as the lame duck Congress goes back to DC and will be tackling tax cuts for the wealthy...
The Democratic-led Congress enacted a significant income tax cut for middle-class and working families last year. The Republicans don’t want you to know about that, so they claim that Democrats oppose tax cuts. But the Republicans are wrong on this – Democrats cut income taxes for the middle class. If you don’t believe me, please look it up.

If you voted for t bags in the last election you should follow this, and see who wants to keep tax cut for the very wealthy. If you are not interested, I can tell you now who will stand for the wealthy and not the working family's of America. It will be the t bags and our own little t bag lisa murkowski...

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