Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alaska's Duke of Tea

Or Don Young Stinks!

The number one thing that the t bags (republicans) can't afford to have is a informed electorate. People that listen to all the facts on any given issue, then form their own opinion on the subject. Those kinda of folks listen to National Public Radio, not  the republican news network  flox news.
Here in urban Alaska we are fortunate enough to have two public radio stations. KSKA that has national NPR programing. Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, plus locally produced news! KNBA has NPR news, plus National Native News... An  amazing mix of contemporary music, local volunteer programs, that feature Blues, Americana, Reggae. The diversity of programing makes a community!
In Rural Alaska Public Radio is of vital importance, as a reliable source of news and information. Local programing and as a community center, that stretches from the transmitter in McGrath  to a trappers cabin on the frozen  Yukon River.
Alaska's lone Representative to Congress for life young ding (don young) voted against funding for National Public Radio again, just the other day... young ding voted to silence public radio in Barrow KBRW. In Bethel KYUK in  Chevak – KCUK FM 88.1 Dillingham – KDLG Fairbanks – KUAC Fort Yukon – KZPA AM 900  ( ding's make belive residence) Haines – KHNS Homer – KBBI  Juneau – KTOO Kenai – KDLL Ketchikan – KRBD Kodiak – KMXT Kotzebue – KOTZ McGrath – KSKO Petersburg –KFSK Sand Point – KSDP Sitka – KCAW St. Paul – KUHB Unalakleet – KNSA AM 930 Unalaska – KIAL Valdez – KCHU and  Wrangell – KSTK

 Alaska's Duke Of T  Congressman young ding

ding also voted against extending unemployment benefits last week. That has to be a sweet treat if you are out of work just before the big Christan holiday season. Especially if you and your god delusion live in the Mat Sue Valley. You have the highest unemployment  rate of all Alaska. But in the last election you voted overwhelmingly  for ding. Guess that endorsed by the NRA is real important to ya...

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