Saturday, October 9, 2010

PFD Saturday & Fun With Science

Thursday every Alaskan that filled out the form, and met some very minimum requirements received their Permanent Fund Dividend. This year that dividend was $1,281.00

This Saturday lots of folks were out looking to spend that windfall. The traffic around the big box stores out on Diamond was intense. More than one pick up truck was spotted with a real large flat screen tvee secured in the cargo area. 
Now the reason Alaskans get this money is oil. Our friends at Conaco Phillips and BP have to pay royalties  to the State. The State has invested some of this royalty money, and the interest from that investment is what goes into the Permanent Fund. Cool. Money in my pocket!

Now everyone except republicans, and lisa murkowski know that burning all the fossil fuel that we burn is causing Global Warming / Global Climate Change. And one of the things we are loosing because the ocean is warmer,  are Phytoplankton.

Now to have some fun with Science ask people if they know what Phytoplankton are.
I would have thought that in a town where sometimes you see a man standing on a busy corner selling Baleen, that everyone would know what Plankton are, but alas no one I have asked could tell me.
Coincidentally oxygen breathing  lisa with a beard supporters were on the Baleen man's corner today.

Doubtful this fellow knows where most of the oxygen comes from? I didn't ask!

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