Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainbows in the Morning

 On the way to coffee as the sun came up this morning a brillant rainbow lit up the semi dark sky. Everyone was talking about it...

Amerika 2000. California.  The homophobic churches felt so threatened by Homosexuals that they voted into California law the by a whopping 61% the Knight initiative. The Act added Section 308.5 of the Family Code, which read "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California".

Wouldn't want this fellow to reproduce

This act  was an ordinary statute, it could be struck down if it were inconsistent with the state constitution. Then those liberal state supreme Court justices did just that on May 15. You would have thought that would have been the end of that. Any rational person could plainly see that any benefit's of marriage that were afforded by the State were just that. Afforded by the State, and had nothing to do with religion.
Well that was far from the case in California. The faithful raised lots of money and in November of 2008 passed an amendment of the state constitution called Proposition 8. This amendment used precisely the same language as Proposition 22. Marriage was saved. Hetro men were again free in the name of god to abuse their wife's.
A lot of the money they raised came from the Mormons in Utah.
Summer of 2009 I was right in the heart of Mormon country traveling on motorcycles with my pal Lost Alaskan. On a good day all washed up could we pass for straight? Don't think so! but there we were looking at the maps on a Sunday at the filling station.


I could see the nicely dressed man filling up his car while his wife waited in the right seat. I was surprised when they walked over to us and he asked if he could help us find something.

We all looked at the map for a while. He told us a good road to take. She apologized  to me because they had to purchase gas on a Sunday. I accepted and thought to my self these people probably sent money to California to support Prop 8 so that homo's like me can't marry and enjoy the same  monetary benefits as people like them.
When I heard on the npr this morning that  Judge Vaughn Walker a bush I appointee was going to issue his State Supreme Cort  decision on prop 8 around noon today I thought how upset those nice people are going to be when the judge rules on the side of the law, and strikes down prop 8. I hope the faithful figure it out that benefits of marriage afforded by a State. Have nothing to do with their religion, Today justice prevailed.

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