Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tea Party To The Rescue!

The  T Party  today backed the President and sent a crew of Mexican Navy Seals to help with restoring the Gulf Of Mexico!

Mexican Navy Seal Outfitted and Ready to Go!

In some real T Party News. A group calling itself  The Tea Party Express has endorsed right wing nut  Joe Miller over our very own right wing nut  Lisa Murkowski.
Miller has BIG RED campaign signs. The almost half term Governor said he is a "true Commonsense Constitutional Conservative.”
 With those credentials I know he Hates homosexuals, thinks babies are gifts from his make believe  friend god, and women need to pump them out at all costs. U betcha he thinks, climate change is certainly not caused by all the Carbon humans are putting into the atmosphere. Dnile is a river in Egypt....

This man has my VOTE! in the primary election.

Very Blue I will be in the general election.

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