Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Alaska Road Trip

Gun rights advocates say they are Patriots protecting  our Constitution.
The constitution must be doing just fine, and things are mitey slow for the Patriots, cuz just aboot every sign on the Scenic Seward Highway has numerous bullet hole.

Unfortunately bullet holes are just way of life in Alaska, and well they tell a lot aboot us.
Like our unelected Governor S.P. 2.0 who is only going to only spend $5000. to sue the Federal Government over health care. The permit to tear this free Federal Hospital down will cost more than $5000.

And let's not mention that new VA hospital in Muldoon.

But lets not spent a penny 1 cent to maintain  the grave site of of Marry Lowell

Probably SP2.0 has no clue aboot Mary Lowell. Who she was. Why the mountains around Resurrection  Bay are named after her children. Where  her homestead was or where the Russian's made there fort in present day Seward.
But when you like ignorance, guns, and power well the past just don't matter.

Real Red Alaska

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